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ACA International
ACA International
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Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association
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National List of Attorneys
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Ask Doctor Debt

The Columbia-Montour Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce
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Greater Scranton
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Greater Wilkes‐Barre
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Williamsport‐Lycoming Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce

Vendor Partners

The Computer Manager, Inc. has provided collection agencies, law firms and in-house collection departments with one of the most comprehensive collection systems in the industry since 1987. DEBT$NET has satisfied the collection requirements for companies specializing in Retail, Commercial, Check, Medical, Legal and Receivables Management collections.
Information Access Technology are a leading provider of predictive dialing and automated contacting solutions for collections and related markets. Through innovative and reliable communication technology and providing outstanding customer service and support, IAT helps customers become significantly more productive and profitable.
  Applied Innovation
Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Applied Innovation, Inc. has become one of the premier technology companies in the Accounts Receivables Management industry. Over 10 years of feedback and collaboration have gone into the technology offered by Applied Innovation, Inc.

Headquartered in Concord, CA with production facilities in San Francisco, CA and Trenton, NJ. Regional sales offices are located in Sacramento, Chicago and Indianapolis. As the leader in the collection letter world, CompuMail's propreitary research shapes their specific techniques for significantly increasing the performance of a collection letter.
Information providers to legal, corporate, government, and academic markets; and publishes legal, tax, and regulatory information via online, hardcopy, print, and CD-ROM formats. The global legal and information division of Reed Elsevier plc, LexisNexis Group combines dozens of brands that are leaders within their respective markets, including: Butterworths, Les Editions du Juris Classeur, and Martindale-Hubbell®.
eBureau's Patented technology analyzes vast amounts of predictive data to offer instant insights across multiple industries; from higher education, to financial services, to automotive, and insurance marketers.